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The Governors play a wide-ranging role within the life of the School. They are, for example, responsible for the appointment of teaching staff. Within the Governing Body there are smaller ‘working committees’ who make decisions about specific topics such as salaries, school development plan and finance thus ensuring that all teachers support the principles embodied in a Church of England School. They also have overall responsibility for the curriculum and require the Head teacher to consult and inform them fully on all aspects concerning the review and development of the curriculum at regular meetings.




Term of Office

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Mrs Rachael Oliver

Head of School



Mr Gary Plummer

Chair Of Governors

Local Authority Appointed



Mrs Louise Newman

Clerk to the Governors



Mrs Val Arbon

Co-Opted 28.03.2023  
Mr Stephen Churchill Co-Opted 28.03.2023  

Mr Sean Daly




Mrs. Zoe King



Mrs Vera Rickets

Foundation/PCC appointed




Staff Governor







Vacancy Co-Opted    
Vacancy Foundation / PCC appointed    


The Responsibilities of a School Governor:

  • They work with the staff to establish objectives, policies and procedures for the school and to formulate the School Development Plan. They also monitor the implementation of these.
  • They ensure the National Curriculum is taught in a broad and balanced way, including Religious Education.
  • They are involved in making staff appointments, and oversee competency and disciplinary matters. They also ensure appropriate appraisal and staff development takes place.
  • They are concerned with, and have responsibility for, the overall financial management of the school.
  • They take responsibility for ensuring that high standards are maintained in health and safety and the school's environment.
  • They have collective rather than individual responsibility.


The Governors are not responsible for:

  • The day to day running of the school or the implementation of policies. These are the responsibility of the Head Teacher.
  • They do not oversee the work of individual teachers, carry out appraisals or act in any way as school inspectors.


If you need to contact the Chair of Governors please address all correspondence to Mr Gary Plummer, c/o of Pamphill CE VC First School  or contact him via email -  


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