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School Values

Vision and Values


Our Vision

“Shine like stars in the sky as you hold on to the word of life” (Philippians 2:15)


Our Values 

Love and Courage 


As a school community want to shine through being people of love and courage. We do this as we hold onto Jesus' life and teaching , where we see perfect love and courage. 


                       Shine like stars in the sky as you hold onto the word of life

Philippians 2:15 

                       Love                                Courage 

           Love is Kind     

        Love forgives    

          Love is faithful     


Courage to be honest   

Courage to persevere     

Courage to be unique 

        Community              The Natural World        Biblical Inspiration     Creative Arts 

Here above is how our vision, values, teaching foci of our values and curriculum drivers all hold together to make Pamphill the special place it is. 


Where Can Our Vision and Values be Seen?

We are aiming for our vision and values to be the heartbeat of who we are and all we do at Pamphill CE First School. It impacts our curriculum, the way we use our building and resources, the way we relate to each other and those from outside of our community and the way we care for our natural world. We want all who come here to flourish to be people who shine with love and courage. 

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