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School Values

Vision and Values


Our Vision

“Be always humble, gentle and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another” (Ephesians 4:2)


As a school community we are working together with humbleness, respect, patience, gentleness and perseverance as, in love, we build a school that flourishes for the good of all who come here and to the glory of God.

Vision Image and Narrative

The school vision image and narrative was born out of discussions with pupils, staff and governors and reflects the journey and development of the school at this time. The image is a combination of different designs the children created to communicate our vision.


The image was chosen as a reminder that we are all on a journey together in love. We show our love by living out our school values. Our Love is for God, for one another and for Pamphill School. The hands represent God who is carrying us on this journey. The sun and rain represent the encouragements and also the challenges of the journey which we have been on together and the cross at the centre of the heart reminds us that we find all of our school values perfectly lived in the Life of Jesus Christ.  The bright background reminds us that all we do is for God’s glory.


Our Values

We realise our Vision by living out our 6 values which are:






The five values above enable our sixth value Loveto grow and flourish amongst us.


Where Can Our Vision and Values be Seen?

We are aiming for our vision and values to be the heartbeat of all we do at Pamphill CE VC First School. It impacts our curriculum, the way we use our building and resources, the way we relate to each other and those from outside of our community. It means we have high expectations for our school and the vision and values set out how we aim to go about achieving these high expectations.

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